To: Attorneys, Physicians, and Other Professionals:

Are you stressed, depressed, or anxious?

 Do you feel like your are running a race …and someone keeps moving the finish line?

Attorneys have one of the highest rates of depression and suicide of all professions. It is a demanding field. Admitting that you are not winning the race is a great stigma in the legal profession. At times you might want to stop running.

You might be scared that this is as good as it gets …

However, there is hope. Others have found ways to flourish in their lives – and feel relaxed and confident at the same time — they have found a way to be happy and succeed at the same time. They sought support from a therapist.

What I know is that you don’t have to continue sprinting to be successful. Getting imput from an unbiased party – someone who doesn’t have an agenda for you other than your well-being — may be just what you need to learn how to feel good.

You don’t have to go through this alone!

 Contact me today:
DocDebra@TheAttorneysTherapist.com to discuss your situation.

What I do is help stressed and depressed professionals learn what’s preventing them from winning. I may be able to help you, too –to slow down and enjoy the scenery AND win the race, too.

By learning how:

  •  to have satisfying relationships
  • to identify those beliefs that keep you feeling stressed, depressed and anxious
  • to recognize your choices
  • to relieve the seemingly relentless stress
  • to make good decisions in your career and in your personal life
  • to find the zest for your career again – and the possibility of more billable hours with less work

Instead of:

  •  waking up frequently to thoughts of what you must accomplish the next day to stay competitive?
  • worrying that you missed a filing deadline?
  • scared that you made a mistake?
  • feeling dread when the phone rings because the call might bring a new crisis?
  • too tired to go out with friends?
  • criticized by loved ones — told that you work too much — or find that you are irritable and critical with others?
  • work longer hours with no increase in billable hours?
  • feeling like your practice controls you?
  • feeling sad that your life isn’t what you thought it would be?
  • Feeling more and more frustrated because you can’t seem to find the ideal schedule?


Maybe you’re tired of waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if you’ve made a mistake in your work product …or even in your choice of career.


Running a successful legal practice or any profession and having a fulfilling personal life might seem impossible — like you are always running at your fastest pace and still not seeing the finish line.


Perhaps you are exhausted from the roller Paste from Wordcoaster of your own emotions …and those of your clients, colleagues, loved ones…


The competition is fierce, and others depend on your winning. What a responsibility! This kind of stress can take its toll on you.


Maybe you are working such long hours and your friends and family are upset with you.


The list of people whom you want to please might seem endless — your colleagues, your supervisor, your clients, your friends, your family; but, there is just no way to please everyone.


Maybe there’s a way to please yourself and others, too.


After all, you have worked hard all of your life to be successful. You may be driven to achieve and win. No one told you that the race in which you’ve been sprinting has now become a triatholon, and you wonder when you get to have fun.


Maybe you just want to feel in control of your own life.


The important skills for any attorney – analysis, skepticism and pessimism – might be interfering in your relationships with others outside of your practice. You might even feel lonely and sad, wondering if this is all life has to offer.


Please know that you don’t have to go it alone. If you could use support, contact me today! I look forward to talking to you.

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