Are You Tired of Having the Same Arguements With the Same Outcomes?


Tired of having the same arguements?



Couples often tell me that they argue about the following and this is validated by research:

  • Sex
  • Money
  • Assignment of chores
  • Children
  • Lack of affection

worriedJohn, a 37 year old physician, told me that he felt horrible because he believed that nothing he did was ever good enough for his partner, Jan.  His self-esteem suffered, and he was becoming increasingly depressed.

Jan, a 36 year old accountant, said, ” I have to tell him over and over again what needs to be done.  He doesn’t listen to me.”  Is it any wonder that they didn’t connect on a sexually intimate level?  Anger for women short circuits sexual desire.

Both Marta and Andrew, fortyish attorneys, found that they argue about money.  This is a second marriage for both.  Marta burst into tears one day as she said, “We don’t have a good cash flow right now, and he gave his daughter a new Mac laptop.  He said that I’m being selfish.”  Andrew countered with “You always resent the money I spend on my children.”

Both of these couples had been in counseling to help them learn to negotiate and compromise.  They still argued.  Why?  Often couples become embroiled in relentless power struggles without awareness that the underlying cause is not the topic of the arguement.  The underlying cause is often deeply embedded patterns that were learned long before you were in this relationship.

You can break free from deeply embedded,  patterns that block you from creating the healthy, loving, and intimate relationship that you’ve always desired.  You can create a relationship with:

  • Security and trust that comes from a solid, committed relationship
  • Excitement and passion with someone you can’t wait to get home to.
  • Closeness and comfort from a deep connection to your partner.
  • Renewed health and vitality that gives you the confidence to succeed in all areas of your life because your relationship works!

Relationship therapy can help you find the love and passion you desire.  Don’t wait any longer in a bad relationship, make an appointment today!

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